1xbet review: the main features of the bookmaker

1xbet review: the main features of the bookmaker

Let’s start by talking about promotions reserved for new users. This is an indispensable aspect in the evaluation of an operator. Having a compelling welcome bonus can make all the difference and lead a bettor to sign up with one site instead of another. The various betting sites choose their promotions from time to time and apply their strategies.

The welcome bonus is historically the most varied. The various bookmakers are always looking for promotions that can attract potential users. At the time of writing this 1xbet review the currently active bonus provides amounts that can go up to € 210. It is a figure that exceeds many offers from many competitors.

The bonus is divided into two parts. The first has a value of € 10 , and is a first deposit bonus.https://registratsiya-24.ru To be eligible, the minimum deposit must be € 10. Also this must be done via Paypal or credit card. If you pay the money in almost any other way, you will not be entitled to access the offer.

Many 1xbet reviews also point out the second part of the promotion. For the next 40 weeks an additional € 5 is available. By doing the simple multiplication you get to a maximum of € 200. You can choose each week whether to participate in the promotion. This consists of a € 5 bonus provided you have made a deposit of at least € 10. You receive the bonus after placing a bet with a minimum stake of 1.80 of at least € 5.


1xbet schedule and sports available: 4/5

The next topic of this 1xbet review is the schedule. This term means the set of all sports on which it is possible to bet on the site. Here, too, the various bookmakers apply different choices. There are those who focus on a few sports, working carefully on those and there are those who, on the other hand, expand their offer by inserting minor sports and bets on politics and entertainment.

In the case of 1xbet we are definitely in the first field. The strategy of this operator is to focus on a small number of disciplines. Obviously it is football that reigns supreme, as always happens in Italy. The number of bets is high, especially for the major nations. In these you can also play on the minor leagues and on the cups. There is also a good representation of leagues from around the world. Sometimes the possibilities are also quite exotic, as is the case in Palestine or Bahrain.

The not very high rating comes due to the presence of few alternative sports. In fact, the main disciplines are found but we stop here. Other trends are also missing such as betting on e-sports (video games) or non-sports betting that we have already mentioned.

There are many 1xbet opinions that also discuss the betting exchange. This operator is the largest operator on the planet in this type of play. This is a complicated subject and it deserves a separate article. It is enough to know that it is the possibility to play on an event or to bank it, that is, to bet that it will not happen.

1xbet odds: 4/5

We want to talk now about quotas. It is an aspect of this 1xbet review that needs to be taken into consideration. If a trader offers competitive odds he will have the ability to retain his users. However, if you start to notice that a bookmaker offers lower potential winnings, this may not please the players.

Grading odds is perhaps one of the easiest things in a review. It all comes down to a direct confrontation with competitors on a series of events. Since there are thousands of bets available every day, it is easy to find some battleground. As for this 1xbet review specifically, we have chosen a round of the Italian football cup and per day of the United States university football championship.

For both commercials we found this operator to be very competitive with respect to the “competition”. The odds are extremely similar in both soccer and American football. You may find some small differences here and there but the final result doesn’t change.

The main differences can be found due to the different betting streams on the various sites. This happens because the bookmakers adjust their odds based on the progress of the bets. If, for example, there are too many bets on a certain outcome of an event, the different operators will lower the odds of that outcome and increase those of the others. The same thing happens when you raise or lower the handicap level.

1xbet Live Betting & Streaming Review: 4/5

A good 1xbet review must also mention these new trends. Live bets are those that can be placed even after the start of an event. Clearly the odds will change as the event progresses. Streaming, on the other hand, is the live broadcast on the website of some sporting event.

As a rule, and here the editorial team agrees, bookmakers offering both should have a higher rating. 1xbet on the other hand does not take off as streaming is limited to a very small number of events. We speak practically only of the NBA and NHL, the American leagues of basketball and ice hockey. The live betting section, on the other hand, is valid and competes without problems with rivals. There are many events on which you can play live. Small graphics on each page will help the player track down the main events.

1xbet mobile app: 4.5 / 5

1xbet offers users four applications. They can be found on the site by clicking on the word “Mobile” that appears at the top of each page. There are two sports betting apps, one for Android and the other for iOS, and the same thing happens for the betting exchange. This operator also offers many promotions on smartphones and tablets, as well as having developed several login methods other than username and password.

We must point out as an important point of the 1xbet review that this is a very good time to develop your own app. The widespread diffusion of smartphones and tablets has led bookmakers to recalibrate their offer. The latter must necessarily consider the requests of the players in order to bet even on the move. Therefore, offering tools to be able to play anywhere and at any time is not only a possibility but also a duty for bookmakers, in order not to lose steps from rivals.

1xbet deposit and withdrawal methods: 4.5 / 5

Going to the bottom of each page of the 1xbet site you will find the “Payment Methods” section. Going there, a new window opens in which you will find a detailed list of all accepted payment methods and more. In the eyes of the writer of this 1xbet review it is a big plus. It is not common for all online betting sites to find such accuracy.

In fact, the following are listed:

– the minimum and maximum payment amounts. In particular, the former varies greatly depending on the method chosen;

– the payment times. For example, it takes 2 to 5 days to visit a bank transfer credited to your gaming account;

– the minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts. Here every aspect varies lot based on the type selected

– the timing of accreditation. Nobody is immediate and has their particular processing times.

1xbet Customer Service Guide: 3.5 / 5

The last part of the 1xbet review is reserved for 1xbet customer service. It may be trivial to write this, but this is the section no player hopes to need. There are several ways to get in touch with customer support and 1xbet stays in the line of competitors in terms of offers. There are the FAQ (common questions), the form to fill out, the telephone number and the live chat. So where does such a low grade come from?

1xbet’s problem isn’t the types of assistance, it’s finding them! As for this particular aspect, the section is tangled and often hides tools that should appear right away. The FAQ appears right away in the section, but finding the other contact methods is more difficult. With a little more order, the section could be much more enjoyable.

1xbet review: our verdict

You can finally pull the strings of this 1xbet review. The grade chosen for this operator is 4/5.

Up to the last point the doubt was between 4/5 and 4.5 / 5, but customer support not up to par with the rest of the site made the difference. This and a not too extensive non-football schedule have penalized this bookmaker a bit. These are minor defects that can be corrected with little.

The fact remains that 1xbet is, according to the editorial staff, one of the best operators currently on the market.

In order not to lose competitiveness, 1xbet has invested many resources in recent years to improve the gaming services available to bettors who like to place their bets anywhere and at any time, directly from their mobile device. The 1xbet.it Mobile App is compatible with the main operating systems currently in use ( iOS and Android ). Now, we will try to highlight the main properties of this application and, above all, to highlight the functionality and the most important aspects.

1xbet Mobile App: Features and Updates

The latest version of the 1xbet Betting Mobile App was launched on 3 July 2019 . Among the most important news, which we have had the opportunity to detect, we finally report the correction of a series of bugs that, until recently, affected the functionality of the previous version of the application. In particular, we were able to ascertain during the use of the 1xbet Mobile App that updates are performed constantly over time . Thanks to the correction of the most relevant bugs, now the App has certainly improved from the viewpoint of its usability, but also as regards the gaming services offered by the operator to its customers. Here are the most interesting properties that can be used by bettors and that we want to highlight:

  • thanks to your Touch ID or Pin Login, you can quickly access your game account.
  • The player, when interfacing with the new virtual game context, has the opportunity to benefit from an overview of the most important matches of the day. In a special section, moreover, it also has the possibility of viewing the initiatives in progress, well highlighted and detached from the main menu.
  • The types of bets available are Single, Multiple and Systemic.
  • Obviously addititionally there is the section dedicated to betting in the live version , well equipped everyday by a series of sporting events, of any discipline, to which are also added live streaming and statistical data useful for orienting bettors’ predictions in the best possible way. .
  • The transactions can be performed directly from the App 1xbet touch with some of the their mobile device display, both to recharge their personal gaming account is to make the withdrawal of any winnings achieved.
  • Furthermore, at any time of a football match, the player can receive push notifications , from the referee’s whistle and on the occasion of the goals scored, but also on the score of the first 45 minutes and on the final result of every match followed.

Is it convenient to use the 1xbet Mobile App?

Once the user accesses their gaming account directly from the 1xbet Mobile App, they will realize that, in the new gaming context, all the features found on the portal of this ADM concessionaire are present . Among the many available services, therefore, we remind you that even from your Tablet or Smartphone, the user has the possibility to follow the favorite sporting events in live streaming.

From the application, the user can also consult the schedule with all the sporting events available, updated every day, in real time, in order to be able to place their bets . In the upper part there is the bar indicating the main sports disciplines ( Football, Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball, Formula 1, etc. ), but also other selections relating to the Betting Exchange, the online casino and the new Vegas section .

Those who wish to view the entire menu must necessarily click on the appropriate item “Menu AZ”. Sometimes it may happen that the contents are not loaded immediately, but often this also depends on the quality of the connection available. We tested the stream several times and were very satisfied, as it feels very smooth and without any glitches. To always be aware of all the promotional activities put in place by 1xbet Betting , just view the main bar where the most important initiatives appear, including the welcome one, to which are also added other offers for both betting and betting. online gambling.

In addition, the bettor, interacting from their mobile device, also offers the opportunity to take advantage of what can be considered, without a doubt, the house specialties, such as the increased odds that make any bet placed more profitable. In correspondence with the section reserved for the world of football, a drop-down menu is also available in which it is possible to view all the main types of bets that can be made by the bettor and which refer to the matches scheduled during the day. Thanks to this particular function, the player has the possibility to play multiples in a short time as many times as he wishes, carrying out the operations quickly.

1xbet mobile app compatible with ioS and android

To the delight of many users with iOS devices, 1xbet has created an application that is very simple to use and quick to perform any operation. Version 5.7.3 for the Sportbook Betting App and 4.9.4 for the 1xbet Exchange App was released on 3 July 2019. These applications can be downloaded, completely free of charge, directly from the portal or by going to the App Store. a innovative application has also been developed for bettors with Android, simple to use and very fast in performing any action, to the delight of those who have the very best devices with this kind of operating system ( Sony Xperia, Samsung Galaxy, LG, etc.). The application could be downloaded for free and directly from the 1xbet.it website or by going to the Google Store.

The Sportbook App and the 1xbet App Exchange

Using the 1xbet Sportbook App (5.7.3) , the bettor has the possibility to place systemic bets , play in the live version, take advantage of live streaming services and participate in all promotional initiatives promoted within his online betting platform. 1xbet, as we mentioned before, proposes a second application (4.9.4) dedicated to the Exchange that allows you to place back-to-back bets and live bank bets, as well as to check the profits achieved and the position acquired by the player on the reference markets in which he has placed your bets. Furthermore, it is possible to check in real time the bets played that are active and to update or cancel those that have not yet been matched.

The bettor can also view the market horizontally to consult some information, liquidity, profits and losses. To facilitate navigation, moreover, you can take care of starting the markets in which you are most interested and use the desired payment instruments to carry out transactions (top- ups and withdrawals of winnings ). Thanks to the 1xbet Exchange Mobile App, the bettor can take advantage of the cashout feature that allows him to get the winnings live, before the conclusion of the following match. Furthermore, directly from the application you can also follow the live video of some of the most followed sporting events ( football, basketball, tennis, etc.). At any time, to conclude, you can also use many graphs made available by the operator to know the real-time trend of the most interesting odds to be included in your virtual cards if necessary to place somewhat profitable bets .

Promotions, customer service and payment methods

Using the 1xbet Sportbook App, the bettor can participate in the promotional initiatives currently available and accessible directly from their site. An example is the Welcome Promotion which allows the newly registered user, that has never opened a gaming account on this platform, to receive a no deposit bonus of € 25, to that is added a additional welcome bonus up to at € 200 for the very first 40 weeks . Those who use the 1xbet Exchange App, on the other hand, have the opportunity to try the Exchange without risk, thanks to a 100% Refund up to € 50 valid for 5 weeks. At the moment there are no promotional initiatives dedicated to users who use the Apps launched by this concessionaire. In any case, users who interact from the mobile Apps can participate in all promotional initiatives intended for users with a gaming account open on the 1xbet.it portal.

To carry out your transactions, the very best payment methods are made available that allow you to top up your gaming account and withdraw funds immediately, taking advantage of the highest standard of protection of your financial and personal data and with management costs close to zero. : MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron, PayPal, Neteller, Moneybookers, Wire transfer, etc . To receive assistance from the operator, it is possible to use the same communication channels offered to customers who bet from PC-desktop: an e-mail address, a live chat service and a free landline number to receive all the necessary information or a technical guide in case of problems encountered while browsing and using the 1xbet Mobile Apps.

1xbet Mobile App: registration and login

To create a gaming account, users with mobile devices, who wish to bet from the 1xbet App, must perform the operation directly on the portal of this operator. Therefore, they will have to connect to 1xbet.it, visit the page dedicated to registering and creating a gaming account, fill in the appropriate fields of the registration form by entering their personal details, how many the valid identification document used, the e-mail address in which to receive communications, a secure password to log in, the security question in case of password loss and then accept the terms and conditions.The login, on the other hand, can be done directly from the App. Furthermore, on the occasion of the first access, the player also offers the possibility to choose whether or not to take advantage of the bookmaker’s welcome promotional initiative.

The rather extensive betting exchange offer is unrivaled at the moment. Maybe getting into the tip / bank perspective can be a bit complex at first but it’s a valid game tool. Being able to bet live on many events and see some live streaming is also a good point.

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