62 version was better when you couldn even see what most of the

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canada goose black friday sale 1 point submitted 5 days agoWell, i am asking a simple question following up you are against the point 7, and you cannot even answer it. canada goose jacket outlet I basically ask if you are canada goose outlet near me really for the unavoidable results, but you just avoid to answer, because you in fact know that it will be just pure stupid. This is typical to end a discussion without admitting that you are just plain wrong and didnt think before posting.So just for the future:Sometimes thinking first and writing/saying something later, makes really, absoulte sense.But congrats, you canada goose uk delivery would be a perfect populist politician :)Avoiding straight answers is the nr.1 most important thing to do for them. (and if mirrored upon it, ofc. to attack the opposite, to distract from their own messup) 1 point submitted 6 days agoOriginally you could one shot anyone with just about any weapon due to the new hitboxes (brain, spine, heart, lungs, etc).Particularly, shots to the chest would almost always hit multiple organs. While it was realistic, it took away one of the best aspects of DayZ which is the drama of going unconscious in a fight.Now they changed a lot of values concerning shock damage and such to reintroduce that drama, which canada goose victoria parka uk is great. But now the pendulum seems to have swung a bit too far the other way.It https://www.outletmoncler.de all a process, I sure they continue to adjust and balance these values until we find a nice happy cheap canada goose uk medium. 0 points submitted 5 days agoNo, originality in the mod (arma2) or even up to 0.62 it was more realistic, as weapons had some real punch + you often went unconscious as also in reallife a lot of shots are not instadeath, but rather put you down, bleed out, whatever.Right now even unconsciousness is boring, because you always wake up after the exact same time.Almost No chance for unco and then bleed out if you dont get first aid.No need for buy canada goose jacket cheap episticks and so on.You really sometimes should stop defending actual fuckups and allow constructive criticism.Not everything is always good. canada goose outlet 5 points submitted 10 days agothe Inventory interface looks. sorry terrible. The full icons are that big, they dont even fit in canada goose black friday sale the cells. We are on PC, not on XBOX, please dont let us scroll all the time. All the icons should be way smaller, so most equipment can easily fit on one screen. It was acutally pretty good in the 0.62 version.What are you even talking about? Nothing has change inventory wise besides the icons actually matching the size of the square they take up, how canada goose outlet legit is that making you scroll more? canada goose uk customer service If anything you should be scrolling less since they made it faster (another great and much needed tweak). Also how can you honestly say the.62 version was better when you couldn even see what most of the things in your inventory was? I shouldn have to hover over every piece of ammo in my inventory just to figure out what type it is, I should just look at it an know.Sorry but seeing people complain about a genuinely good canada goose freestyle vest uk fix confuses me to no end. 1 point submitted 10 days agojust because the scrolling is faster now (which was very needed!) doesnt mean they are using the space we have on the screen properly.The whole equipment could easily and clearly fit in one screen without any need of scrolling. This should be the goal. Not make the icons 640x somthing so it looks like from 2008. In EXP it looks like a big mess, not anyway near for a good clean overview canada goose black friday sale.

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