About YIFC Academy for Education and Enrichment

“God‚ our Creator‚ has stored within our minds and personalities‚ great potential strength and ability. Prayer helps us tap and develop these powers.”

YIFC Academy for Education and Enrichment was formed in 2003 with an idea of uniting the Indian youths in Hong Kong through sports. Teaching Tamil language to our children has been one of our main activities since 2004.

Our first event was a cricket sixes tournament‚ and the success of this tournament was an impetus for us to form a club and conduct organized sports. At that point we only had SPORTS on our agenda. With the success of the sporting events‚ we were encouraged to organize cultural events which were attended by larger community.


  • Cricket
  • Badminton
  • Bowling
  • Beach Volley-Ball
  • Soccer
  • Junior Sports

Our team won first place at the Soccer tournament held by the Yau Tsim Mong District Council.

We were the Runner-up at the Cricket Tournaments conducted by the Hong Kong Cricket Association and the University of Hong Kong for social teams.

Our secular spirit is a result of being of Indian origin‚ which binds us together. In diversity‚ we find our unity and strength. Setting aside all differences‚ we as one‚ are united.

These results were an impetus for us to unite as a community and work together


The Tamil Teaching Program for children was started in the year 2004.

Sports enhance our positive spirits‚ no doubt about it. But language enhances the future prospects of our children living in Hong Kong. We thought that our children should not be deprived of the knowledge of our mother tongue. It would be an irony‚ if in the future ignorance of their mother tongue becomes a barrier in any event for our children. We believe that education is for life and that children are our future. We aim to nurture and groom them to become learners throughout their life by instilling ingenuity and self-confidence in them.

Most of our children are enrolled in mainstream schools here and are learning English and to some extent Chinese. The significance of our mother tongue‚ as rightly said by a Tamil scholar‚ has always been felt only by people living abroad. As a community‚ setting aside our differences we came together to do justice to our children as well as to our mother tongue. We have conducted many programmes as a result of the TTP. The children came out with fabulous performances in each and every event and were very confident in the use of the language.


An edutainment event‚ namely the “Student India Festival”‚ was organized in association with The Gujarat Samaj (HK). It was well attended with over a hundred participants. Various competitions such as orations in both English and Chinese languages‚ quiz programs etc.‚ were successfully conducted. The parents and the general audience were highly entertained; making the event was a great success. We plan to conduct similar events regularly

To provide our children with a better understanding of the society we live in‚ we are proposing to educate our children with civics and ethics of the society. These would make them good future citizens of Hong Kong. Imparting ethics in this medium of instruction‚ our children would also be exposed to our centuries’ old‚ valued ethos.

The road ahead is challenging. With immense hard work‚ we plant the trees now so that our children can enjoy their shade and their fruit. Thank God‚ for‚ with committed and enthusiastic senior advisors‚ teachers‚ members and volunteers‚ prepared to give their all for the sake of our children‚ we are sure‚ that we would succeed with the grace of the Almighty in all our endeavors.