and Canada (other countries as well) some students will bully

uk canada goose Why are school uniforms bad for the students uk canada goose

Should students have to wear school uniforms?

Canada Goose Coats On Sale I don’t think they should wear school uniforms because it deprives kids and teens of expressing themselves by what they wear. Kids should have the right to wear what they want to. Everything would be dull and boring if everyone came to school looking the same. The effect to that would be they can become angry and violent. Kids and teens should have the right to pick out what they want to wear. Sure it might take a bit longer, but in the end it would be worth it. Everyone has the right to express themselves by the way they look. It can tell what kind of person they are. also a couple more reasons why student shouldn’t have uniforms 1. Anyone can sneak into YOUR school wearing a school uniform pretending there a student, they could be selling illegal item, etc. 2. Say two people who look alike wearing a school uniform if, and if you look into a camera you can’t really tell who it is, so safety, same thing with theft. 3. also students cheap canada goose vest should express there styles! (MORE) Canada Goose Coats On Sale

Maybe for some canada goose mens uk schools like in the bid towns with the gangs, but i do approve that there should be uniforms because there wouldn’t be many stereo types. Take this example say there was a boy that didn’t have west forty nine or like American eagle. And you shouldn’t be placed in a group where you don’t belong just because you wore a top or a pair of pants that weren’t brand name. I find that very not right for someone to do so. So think about that one! If you still believe that there shouldn’t just because of originality, I’m totally on that with canada goose shop regent street you because of course you want your child to be original and have there own style but what if there style is letting them be bullied.? i disagree because you show your style.

I think school uniforms are a good thing. If you have a uniform it is easy to find an outfit every day. It also saves money because you only have to buy about 2 or 3 uniforms that can last you a while. Also, they show school spirit!. (MORE)

Do students like school uniforms?

canada goose store Depends, those who want to express their individuality won’t like them. Often, it is the more intelligent students who have the greatest need to express themselves. But those who get bullied over their clothes or want to blend in would probably would like them. So they may see it as a blessing to finally get to dress like the other students and fit in for a change. (MORE) canada goose store

Canada Goose sale Should students have to wear school uniform? Canada Goose sale

canada goose coats Yes, actually they should. Students have become distracted enough with music, fads, and relationships, that the additional distraction of fashion and one uping their peers has become a step too far. It matters little if at all what you are wearing while filling your head with knowledge. Students should not be concerned with what anyone else is wearing. Schools after all are not democracies, and students need to learn again to do what they are told, when they are told, how they are told. Additionally, uniforms are much more economical than popular fashions, and all students wearing uniforms are on more equal social ground. Opinion: No, students should not wear uniforms in school. In the United States, there is a big money problem among public schools, and the budget is really low in schools and in the government. Since the government funds the public schools, the number one question would be, “Where is the government getting the money to give uniforms for schools?” The government is going to get the money from somewhere and go deeper in debt by funding for uniforms. Thus, the parents of the children will pay for the child’s clothes and not pay for 5 days of uniforms, especially when the children grow. That would be a waste of money on the government’s, school’s, and parent’s part. Thus, students should not wear uniforms to be economical with their money and how they spend it spending on what is necessary. Uniforms aren’t necessary. Opinion: Students should never wear canada goose rossclair uk school uniforms because they cannot survive!!!! they should be able to express themselves without people caring. but if they do wear uniforms, they should be able to wear it their own style. Answer: Absolutely yes, if they are attending schools where uniforms are the rule. If you apply to a school that has a uniform policy, then that policy is part of what you sign up for. If you don’t like uniforms, you should go to a school that doesn’t require them, or if you are already there, petition for change. You can take the daring path of ‘civil disobedience’, intentionally violating the rule as a demonstration of personal conviction, but you run the risk of discipline, and in that case you would have to accept the discipline, including dismissal. (MORE) canada goose coats

cheap Canada Goose Why should students not were uniforms to school? cheap Canada Goose

This is a big and international debate. Most schools especially in the United States want to have their students wear uniforms for disciplinary reasons, but I think they should. I think the schools should have uniforms! Hope this answers your question. 😀 I think they should because girls now adays are dressing really sluty and cheap canada goose new york guys dont know how to keep their pants above their butts, so uniforms would be a way to discipline kids for not following dress code, and i think all schools should have uniforms. (MORE)

Can school be improved by requiring students to wearing school uniforms?

Canada Goose Jackets Schools can be improved by wearing school uniforms because it is easier to wear uniform rather than regular clothes also regular clothes can lead to inappropriate clothes. Of course, the above argument can also be used to make the case of wearing regular clothes with sufficient canada goose bird uk dress codes. Uniforms can be a convenient excuse to not allow certain types of clothes, such as t shirts that promote certain popular things that faculty members might not like. Banning such clothing would create a political backlash and accusations of bigotry against certain groups of people, and some of the faculty might have to find other jobs. So if they required uniforms, they could secretly push their preferences onto others without ever stating what those preferences are. While uniforms might help a class seem more orderly, it might be artificial and fake as well. Students should be taught to act orderly regardless of what others are wearing. But it outwardly seems easier in the short term to appease the troublemakers and bullies rather than set up a system that confronts and reeducates them, when that would actually serve society better. (MORE) Canada Goose Jackets

Effects of school uniforms to students?

buy canada goose jacket cheap While the majority of canada goose outlet students will obviously reject the idea of uniforms in schools it is the best thing any school can do for these canada goose coats reasons:. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose black friday sale It helps the parents save money on clothing for their children… canada goose black friday sale

Wearing uniforms is a message that school is not a fashion show but a place to study and gain knowledge.. and Canada (other countries as well) some students will bully and beat submissive students for an article of clothing; runners, etc. By wearing uniforms there would be no justification for this. For many years (other than private or Catholic Schools) there has been discussions of having all schools wear uniforms, but thus far nothing has been done to put this great idea into action. (MORE)

How do school uniforms affect students’ attitudes?

canada goose clearance It depends. The plus side is that they may be more likely to feel a part of something. They may be more likely to feel that their actions reflect upon the school. Poorer students might be bullied less over being poor, and that should help improve their attitudes. Uniforms mean never getting to be yourself while at school, but being forced to pretend you are what you are not. Any respect canada goose uk price or peace gained from being forced to wear uniforms is only artificial. The real person inside is not being challenged nor encouraged to mature. Even if you do have a unifrom there is still teasing about hair makeup hobbies ect. if you have a uniform you have hardly canada goose ladies uk any way to express your self. that takes up A LOT more time than putting on clothes would. if you didn’t have a uniform you would spend WAY less time on that kind of stuff. uniforms are dumb all over. if you think uniforms are a good idea than were a plaid skirt or khakis and a white polo and v neck sweater from 7:15 to 4:00 for a week and then tell me how you feel. i promise you will hate it. kids at private schools already feel canada goose outlet locations sterotyped enough i know I’ve cryed over it. then just throw a uniform on them. that way they can feel sterotyped when they have to wear it in public after school (MORE) canada goose clearance.

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