And you can I good faith compare straight up the amount of

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I lean centrist (inb4 /r/EnlightenedCentrism) and I personally am not a fan of her or any other politician’s twitter populism. But, shit, I respect the fuck out of her. The woman’s a year older than me but leagues more successful and entirely capable of winning the support of millions I wish canada goose outlet boston I could say I’m capable of half as much. The fact that she got there from a position where she felt she needed to take on bartending work just makes her that much more impressive in my eyes. It simply means that your views aren’t sufficiently left leaning to categorize you as what Americans call “liberal” and they’re not right leaning enough to consider you “conservative”.

canada goose clearance Fundamentally, geopolitical isolationism and protectionism are associated with right leaning policy, in the traditional sense of the word. I personally would love to see the US take a back seat on the geopolitical stage and relax its military policies this actually applies canada goose outlet canada to all countries. Similarly, I think US consumer goods industrial production will eventually die. Protectionism is absolutely critical to prevent a total collapse, and subsequent increased unemployment, in this area. The lack of such policies is what created the rust belt. canada goose clearance

With that said, I really think the US would benefit massively if a significant number of companies (mainly military contractors) were socialized. Not only would this increase efficiency and reduce operating costs, but it would open the doors to greater technical innovation in the US. Most innovation comes from military developments, whether you like it or not. Today, most of this innovation is monopolized in the form of patents by private companies. I think this is a subpar policy, personally. If socializing private companies isn’t left leaning, idk what is.

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That is wrong on several counts. The US has an extremely high amount of prisoners and a part of it is definitely racism. But they also have a crazy high recidivism rate due to abhorrent handling of prisoners, as well as incredibly stupid drug laws and much more poverty. And you can I good faith compare straight up the amount of people in prison. There are more prisoners in the US than residents on Iceland; the US has a thousand times more people than Iceland.

uk canada goose The US prison population makes up between 0,5 and 1% of the entire US population, the Icelandic one around 0,05%. Not quite a million canada goose stockists uk times, but definitely a testament to the amazing Icelandic criminal system compared to that of the US. uk canada goose

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a single kids kid produces 2 kids, they produce two more each that is 9 people in one generation. But those 4 kids have two kids each and they have two kids each an extra 16 humans excluding there parents in the next generation. now those 16 produce 2 kids each and there kids do the same another 64 kids. Stop having so many kids. Only a moron believes overpopulation isn a problem and we are going to save the world by recycling and driving in teslas. Every kid needs resourches food, cloths homes, transport etc so fuck off with not even close””

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uk canada goose outlet I don think they should be shut down necessarily, but some protests over the cruel and inhumane treatment found in factory farms are much overdo. There needs to be better laws in place insuring that these animals are treated as humanely as possible canada goose coats uk up until being slaughtered. Also whistleblowing should be encouraged and rewarded instead of illegal. uk canada goose outlet

If these companies were forward thinking they would be heavily investing into lab grown meats. This would be far more economical as companies wouldn need to canada goose outlet sale raise a whole animal for select cuts of meat. It would save the industry billions in food and land costs, and by ownly growing what they need, it would drastically reduce the waste produced.

Sure you have a sizable portion of the population against it as some unnatural product of satan or whatever, but at least some of this could be offset by winning over some of the vegetarians/vegans. Plus, it wouldn need to be an overnight switch, the old factory farms could slowly be phased out over X amount of years while the lab grown meat could slowly be introduced to the market.

canada goose clearance sale I not sure if this is even related to the original comment anymore, but I posting anyways since I typed it all up. canada goose clearance sale

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I absolutely agree with you. I very, very rarely eat meat from what is essentially animal factories. I much rather pay extra for animals that live relatively natural lives. I struggle with bitterness and a lot canada goose factory outlet vancouver of textures (particularly beans) which makes eating vegetarian/vegan a pain in the neck, but I still avoid eating meat more than a few times a week. If canada goose outlet 80 off I can do it with a completely fucked up, hypersensitive tongue, so can pretty much everyone else.

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canada goose factory sale People far outside the average range of wealth would likely not need Tinder. Golddigging accusations, there the fact that a regular person would not be able to keep up with their level of wealth when it comes to things like dining, dates and basic purchases without leeching off of their money. You need to remember this is the social media generation. Everything is about Snapchat and Facebook and Instagram and showing off your “best” side. Not your insecurities and vulnerabilities, that what reddit is for. canada goose factory sale

Tinder is arguably the worst mix. It forces you to showcase the absolute fake, flawless nature you have, lest you be swiped left on. It the ultimate vanity showcase next to Instagram.

Tinder is for the undesirables looking for anything, or things outside of their range. Average folks looking for other average folks. And the above average folks looking for someone to post kissy pics with all over social media. And then you have the people looking for hookups.

Yes, parents most definitely dictate who their canada goose cap uk kids date. No one on this planet canada goose outlet eu is judgement free. Economic status is most definitely a factor. The rich bringing home the average would be akin to say, you bringing home a homeless person to mom and dad. Even if the parents do not judge, the friends will, the family will. Everyone has something to say. This happens in almost every relationship that deviates from what everyone who isn you considers to be an ideal significant other for you.

canada goose uk black friday As for the cumbucket line, sorry if you offended but canada goose outlet again, I see this same shit happen over and over again. There this one girl I went to school with 21 22, single mom of 3. All different men. I can sit here canada goose outlet store usa and respect that. Especially not while she spends her time bashing men and her non existent baby daddies canada goose uk black friday.

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