Band councils were used to replace traditional forms of social

Territorial disputes and even disputes over “Name” holding can be resolved by later and future meetings of the High Chiefs and their councils or speakers. Declarations could even be conditional on the resolution of these disputes. The immediacy of these declarations is of the most pressing urgency if the Indian Nations wish to retain anything.

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Set the plate afloat in a tub, pool, lake or river, while saying a dedication to a friend or loved one, speaking aloud words of encouragement for a cause you are committed to, or offering amnesty to an enemy. Prepare them by following the above instructions. As you light each one, read together the statements you have prepared in advance, dedicating a light to each of the 4 Freedoms.

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The band council corresponds to a municipal town or village council, and the chief to a mayor. Band councils were used to replace traditional forms of social organization. Many of the first band councils were organized by missionaries, who used them to exert control over communities.

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