Constant screaming to where it’d scare the children and make

Canada Goose sale US I audio recorded an 8 hour session of my child’s daycare and heard disturbing behavior Canada Goose sale

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Other Civil canada goose black friday deals Matters[NC/US] I audio recorded an 8 hour session of my child’s daycare and heard disturbing behavior. Not sure what I can do.[NC/US] I audio recorded an 8 hour session of my canada goose jacket uk sale child’s daycare and heard disturbing behavior. Not sure what I can do.

My 17 month canada goose wholesale uk old child has recently been attending a woman’s daycare. It’s not exactly a public daycare, she watches the kids in her house. It’s usually around 7 8 kids under her care, canada goose outlet uk all varying in age from 8 month old babies to 5 year old children.

He’s been there for approximately two weeks, the first week he got sick and we figured it was just him being new to the environment. But this week, he showed up with scratches on his arm and his thigh was red. This obviously made me very suspicious.

canadian goose jacket So I bought a microphone and hid it in his diaper bag and sent him back Friday. When he got back and I put it into my laptop, and within the first 3 hours I was horrified. Constant screaming to where it’d scare the children and make them cry, babies crying for an hour with no comfort, spanking and popping the children because they haven’t done what she asks them to do when half of them can’t even talk yet let alone understand her, swearing around them or to them, threatening to spank them again, bigger kids hitting the smaller kids who are defenseless, etc. canadian goose jacket

I’m at a loss. I want to contact the other parents and let them know what’s going on, but at the same time they could contact the daycare lady. So I want to take it to the police, but I’m aware that there is a law against recording someone without their consent, but I’m not sure that applies in this situation.

Canada Goose Coats On Sale What should I do, or how can I handle this?I know this is California and not NC. But similar reasoning might also apply: Canada Goose Coats On Sale.

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