I pretty sure at the time they were being poo poo by their

Those are called META posts, and they must have a title that starts with META. Please request mod approval after you submit your META. I won’t say exactly how much but it’s in the millions. Further details and clarifications can be found on the page. I’ve always had a problem with people poking through my bag picking up my foils, even though if you ask I’ll let you see it. The other day some kid tried to STEAL it because “it was just there and he found it” (he knew it was mine and I had just gone to the restroom).

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canada goose coats I know this won be popular, but because its shallow and vapid. Those characteristics used to be rightfully looked down upon and do hurt society at large and indirectly. Food is for sustenance first and enjoyment cheap canada goose winter jackets second. I pretty sure at the time they were being poo poo by their peers as pseudo science, but now, their peers are coming around to the theories discussed here. The Danes performed an aerial survey of Greenland last year in November and found a MASSIVE crater that can be easily spotted on any semi decent satellite map (yes, including google earth).The discovery will completely (as in completely) rewrite human history sometime this year or the next when everyone has had time to study the findings. Turns out all those flood myths were indeed pointing to a single, global event, wiping out entire civilizations possibly at a technological level of medieval societies.But a segment of kooks and cranks find these buildings so impressive that they refuse to accept this and postulate other origins. canada goose coats

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