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Employing visual storytelling via a design-first Instagram profile may help hotels stick out in a crowded area of like-minded content. NB: Here is a informative article from ScreenpilotWhether it be accommodations, amenities, special promotions, or even food and beverage characteristics, using an Instagram Grid takeover is a excellent way to reveal”wow factor”. This method can also help to increase the wellbeing of photography assets and give followers more reason to see or swipe through multiple posts, fostering engagement metrics. In this second portion of our three-part website series, the Screen Pilot Social Media Team investigates ways that brands can enhance participation metrics with exceptional content — especially through the use of Instagram Grid takeovers. WHY DESIGN-FIRST INSTAGRAM GRIDS HELPWith over 800 million active customers, a grid comprised of well-chosen images and content creates a”digital disposition board”. This motivates users to scroll deep through the feed an adventure which will help envision being in the resort or reminisce about a past trip. Hotels are able to raise the wellbeing of their house’s photos with a grid structure, particularly if they lack sufficient professional photographs or even UGC content. The usage of a well-curated feed, even together with regular articles, can help build on the engagement Instagram Stories already bring about a consideration, as discussed in Part 1 of the series — The Power Preset Instagram pt of Instagram Stories. Pro Tip: Display a curated and design-forward feed on your resort website within an aesthetically-pleasing manner like Turks & Caicos resort Beach Enclave has performed (seen below). The way to BUILD A GRIDBefore designing a grid, research and understand that the resort’s social media fashion and aesthetic. This is essential for creating a”digital disposition board” that drives users to scroll the feed. Step 1: Create an aesthetic for the gridDetermine the new filter preset (a Screen Pilot recommendation is to utilize either VSCO or Adobe Photoshop) that matches the resort’s Instagram accounts, and make sure it remains consistent. Sixty percent of manufacturers use the identical filter for every post — that helps to boost brand recognition. Step 2: Choose the best grid layout depending on the brand and available contentIt’s important to select high-resolution pictures which, when broken to a grid, could nevertheless function as an aesthetically appropriate place by itself. This way, once the picture is put together and posted as a grid, it creates a cohesive story and doesn’t spam followers. Different ways to incorporate this grid strategy comprise: Vertical/Horizontal — Alternate between vertical and horizontal photos to make a lively feed layout with multiple images telling a story. The SCRL cellular program can cut photographs into segments and store”scrolling videos” for easy photo/video integration in the feed

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