Seitz said he was inspired to tighten those rules following

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cheap air jordans “Is this intended to retard these last minute interventions? Yes, it is.”As a key swing state in presidential elections, including the one coming up this November, Ohio has seen its share of court fights over election rules.Seitz said he was inspired to tighten those rules following last November’s election, in which Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Robert Ruehlman cheap jordans, a Republican cheap jordans cheap jordans, ordered polls to remain open an additional 90 minutes because of technical glitches that caused some delays on Election Day. District Judge Susan Dlott ordered polls to stay open another hour after receiving calls from motorists stranded on I 275 because of a serious traffic accident.Though his proposal only would affect state courts cheap jordans, Seitz said he hopes all judges cheap jordans cheap jordans, including federal judges like Dlott, would consider the statelaw before issuing a decision.Critics say the law is a bad idea in any court, state or federal. They say it’s unnecessary because adequate standards and appeal processes already are in place, and it’s unfair because poor voters would have a more difficult time protecting their voting rights if problems arise on Election Day.Seitz’s law would waive the cash bond for poor people who are declared indigent by the court cheap air jordans.

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