So they have requested us to make arrangements for

The etiquette for having sex when you’re a guest in another person’s house goes like this: Polite guests do not leave a bloody, spunky, or santorumy mess for their hosts to clean up. Staying in the guest room and desperately horny? Sounds like the perfect opportunity for an extended and tidy oral sex session. Staying in the guest room and want to fuck? Fuck on the desk, fuck standing up, fuck in the shower.

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We recommend adding a small splash of water to help bring the aromas to the forefront. Peerless is a much smoother Rye Whiskey than many others available on the market, and is exceptional by itself or with a small drop of water. Aged in ex bourbon barrels, the spirit has been carefully balanced to protect its wood sugar taste while avoiding the intensity of flavor that can often come from used barrels.

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