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AITA for forcing my 15y old son into doing track

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been asking him all year what sport he wants to do. None has been the constant answer.

uk canada goose outlet complaining every day, dragging his feet at every practice and generally making everyone else miserable at home. uk canada goose outlet

canada goose uk black friday is strongly for it, and I am more uncertain, but we agreed to do it i am backing her up on this, but have misgivings. I did no sports in school at all, and my parents never made me do anything extra curricular. MY wife on the other hand was required by her parents to do a ton of extra stuff during school. (Mostly to keep her busy and out of the house according to the wife) canada goose uk black friday

canada goose clearance feel like we are canada goose outlet doing the right thing despite his hatred of it. He is very awkward right now and uncoordinated, and his fitness level has tanked this year compared to last year when he still had PE classes (which aren required in his grade)A very gentle YTA here. You have good intentions but forcing your child to do an activity they canada goose outlet in chicago don want can build serious resentment and be really damaging to their mental health. I get wanting your child to excersize but maybe try taking your kid for hikes, or finding other activities that canada goose outlet in uk you can work their interests into. If you think health is that big of an issue, throw in a weekly bonus of giving your kids a small amount of money or a reward of some sort if they do their alloted amount of weekly fitness. I bet if he makes a couple of friends suddenly he might start to look forward to track practice, even if he isn very good at it. If canada goose ladies uk he truly truly hates track after doing it for a season (we don know how long he been participating for, OP said it was only “recently”) then they shouldn make him do it again but good parents don give in to their kids every time they start whining about not liking something. They gave him ample opportunity to choose an activity to do and he didn so they stuck him with track. Maybe next time he make a decision for himself. That alone is a valuable learning canada goose black friday sale experience lol canada goose clearance.

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