The Truth about Sole Men and Powerful Women

The Truth about Sole Men and Powerful Women

Strong women finding good men
Are you a clever, independent, individual woman that is dating soon after 40 and also having a terrible of a time frame finding excellent men thus far? Are you commencing to think you will discover just no good men on the market who can take care of your power and heads? I hope an individual mind my very natasha clup own saying that: you are w-r-o-n-g.

As a internet dating and connection coach — and a girl who was a beginning bride on 47 – I’m really aware of what we tell yourself:

Men still cannot handle clever, powerful women.

The only adult males left at this young age are man-boys, jerks and players.

I am just not quitting my independence for some man who’s likely to tell me how you can live my entire life.

If he doesn’t show up, that’s fine. I’m fine alone.

Effectively, I have. These were my mantras for years.

My spouse and i hung onto them nice and tight until I noticed that they were common myths. The truth was out there simple as day time but , as we do with the amount of beliefs, I simply refused to see the contrary data. (I believed this to be true and I hate being wrong! )

One of those beliefs is that your personal fierce self-sufficiency and currently being set in your ways keeps you from obtaining love.

Allow me to share some of what I found that cleared the best way for the grownup love story.

Just before I got wedded in 2006…

No one laughed and said how to think or feel.

Compromise seemed to be something I actually rarely had to do.

I don’t owe any individual anything, therefore no one is the boss associated with me.

My spouse and i made all my own judgements.

I was prosperous and charted my own way.

I created the lifestyle I need to including dangling and traveling with our girlfriends, purchasing what I needed and proceeding where (and when) I want to.

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