There were fantastic dance demonstrations from the cup winning

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canada goose clearance sale Guests were treated to a delicious afternoon tea specially prepared by the wonderful chefs at the hotel, and entertained by an afternoon of sequence and ballroom dancing. There were fantastic dance demonstrations from the cup winning duo Ben Beth and Ashleigh Dean. The afternoon catered for everyone from dancers with passion to those with 2 left feet. canada goose clearance sale

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canada goose coats Procter Gamble’s chief brand officer Marc Pritchard keeps reiterating that the time for the marketer to take back control of his/her brand is here. Which, in the context of strategic planning, begs the question: What do brand marketers expect from their strategic planners today? For some, the account planner is the ‘conscience keeper’ or ‘sheet anchor’ on the team, someone who can point North, especially when there are so many different voices around a brand, each scrambling to meet its own objective. As a former Nestl executive puts it, “This is especially true now when no campaign can be launched without a minimum of four agencies working on it together PR, on ground, digital and advertising.” To others, the planner’s input becomes invaluable when a global brand has to be made relevant in our market canada goose coats.

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