‘[They were] very concerned about their story

This is not a particularly overwhelming feeling, and it is probably as misguided as the person who brought a 6 year old kid to the party in the first place. But with empty bottles of Remy and Hennessey tossed about and the most racially charged, sexually aggressive, bass thumping music the South has to offer rumbling through every subwoofer, anything seems possible.The fear passes as the CRV eases into a spot next to a sparkling blue Impala with a spotless white interior. It’s something to behold.Dee, owner of that beautiful blue machine, and his buddy, T, are sporting Clippers and Celtics throwback jerseys, respectively.

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As part of their research for the film, the cast and crew made sure to meet with the real Skiles and Sullenberger. ‘[They were] very concerned about their story, wanted to be represented in the proper light, [wanted] things [to be] accurate, which we definitely tried to do [and] was very important to us, and also they’re very humble guys’, Eckhart told EW. ‘They don’t look at themselves as heroes.

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